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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Why People are Facing Age Acne on the Skin?

It is known that acne on the skin usually occurs in adolescence. But why acne continues over the years ? If still you are thinking that why people are facing age acne on the skin.

The answer to this is: Hormones.

Although not already teenagers, the body continues to produce hormones and the hormonal changes in the body are constant.

Many people believe that acne and skin impurities are due to a bad facial cleansing.

Cleaning is a factor that influences and poor cleaning of the skin can cause rashes or blackheads.

But acne on the skin is purely hormonal.

According to research conducted by the Department of Dermatology, Weill-Cornell Medical Center, acne in adolescents is between 70 and 87%, however adults between 31 and 44 years of age have presented acne due to hormonal changes.

Women suffer more acne to adulthood than men due to hormones.

Ideal for acne skin treatment is through hormones to balance the hormones that are missing or left over the body, impurities disappear.

For this to be detected, it is necessary to go to an endocrinologist, who is the specialist in hormonal problems.

Likewise hygiene remains an important our skin does not suffer from impurities and acne on the skin is not more notorious habit. If still you didn't get answer that why people are facing age acne on the skin, so kindly right us to get detail info.

You can not lose this!

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