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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Beware If You are Taking ibuprofen

It 's easy to get because we do not require a prescription; at the end of 2015, the Food and Drug Administration US (FDA), called for more obvious warnings on drug labels on your risk of heart attack and stroke.
Benefits and Problems:

The consumption of these drugs was popularized, because at the time they were thought to be more respestuosos with the stomach and the intestine; because the chemicals typically activated NSAIDS committed the protective lining of these organs.

But with the benefit to the intestine arose a problem, the risk of the heart. Two of the COX-2 inhibitors were withdrawn because of stroke risk.

Occasionally There is No Danger:

For those who occasionally take the medication to resolve a headache or medical prescription as an anti-inflammatory for throat infections or back pain, do not need to worry.

Only if you take the drug for long periods, the heart may be at risk, as it is likely that when used with chronic conditions, the situation is complicated. Short-term use does not have a negative effect, they said in the study.

It is best that you always check with your doctor before taking a medication, because not everyone should take the same as someone worked.

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