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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

German Scientists will be able to Experiment on People with Dementia

With 357 votes in favor and 164 against, the German Parliament passed the law allowing it. It will be done, according to the project, with very strict regulation. Society is expecting that experiment on people with ddementia will bring some positive output.

The lower house of the German Parliament (Bundestag) on Friday approved a law permitting, under certain
circumstances and strict regulation, scientific research in dementia patients.

The legislation, which raises the hitherto existing total ban on all kinds of experimentation in this group of patients, was approved by 357 votes in favor, 164 against with 21 abstentions.

To apply to a patient a certain experimental treatment must be counted with the consent of the affected, expressed in fullness of their physical and mental faculties, which means before have started to move him dementia.

In addition, research will disqualifies should not be considered as a therapy for own particular patient, but the group of patients sufferingfrom the same type of dementia.

It is estimated that in Germany, with 80 million people, lives about a million and a half people suffering from dementia, with upward trend.

Proponents of the legislation argue that experimentation on patients is paramount to the success of research in this field of medicine.

The Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, stressed in defending the draft law before the chamber that its drafted and the restrictions incorporated ensures the full rights of the patient and conforms to European regulations.

In addition, it will mean greater protection for those affected to counterfeit drugs or false research. If experiment on people with dementia will bring some posivie output, so it could lead the researchers of rest of the word towards to bring it another level.

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